Blasting and primary coating of steel plates is performed by fully automatic plant in Shotblasting Hall (P1-p2) covering 820 sqm.

B. Steel Cutting

Steel Cutting hall (P-3) covers 1930 sqm, and has an annual steel processing capacity of 32.000t using:
2 units of 7000x28000
1 unit of 4000x15000 CNC Plasma Cutting Machines, and 2 overhead cranes of 15t.


Preassembly hall (P-4 and P-5) covers 5225 sqm. After CNC cutting, sections are prepared for assembly by using:

Hydraulic presses(400t and 300t),
Profile bending machine
Overhead cranes 2 units of 2x15t, 2 units of 15t, 1 unit 2x16t
Welding and grinding machines

D.Block Assembly

Regular blocks (double bottom, side and main deck) are assembled on a panel line of  20x140m (P-6 Hall) in a hall covering 3180 sqm using:  

Various types of welding machines (SAW, MAG, SMAW, semi automatic buggies etc.)  
Overhead cranes 1 unit 15 t, 1 unit 16t

D.Block Assembly

Also two more halls (P8-P9) of total 4200 sqm area are used for block assembly having 4 overhead cranes of 25t.

D.Block Assembly

Cruised blocks are assembled outdoors at various areas covering about 120.000 sqm (under portable sheds if necessary).

E. Paint Hall

Assembled blocks are blasted and painted in 1400 sqm hall (P7) (h=19m). Our hall is climate controlled year round, and work is completed in an environment that is designed to achieve successful blasting and coating applications. Facility consists of two compartments for blasting/painting

F.Outfitting Shops

Outfitting shops (A2-3-4-5-6) cover  5200 sqm and used for producing several components (ladders, hatches, manhole covers etc.) and pipes. Automatic pipe and profile cutting machines, drills, welding and grinding equipment, overhead cranes are used for production. Also a warehouse of 1950 sqm is included for materials.


Slipway erections and  installation/outfitting of components are carried out on:

220x38m slipway with a slope of %5
150x57m slipway with a slope of %1,5
2x150x20m slipway with a slope of %1,5

Slipways and outdoor assembly areas are served by
Gantry cranes of capacity:
360t (3x120t)  
250t (2x125t)
80t (2x40t)
7 units of 32t (2x16t)

Transport operations on field are carried out by several mobile cranes of capacity ranging from 30t to 400t, a heavy load transporter of 240t and several forklifts.

H. Outfitting Quay

An outfitting quay of 190m length and 7m depth is used for final outfitting and tests/trials.

I. Sea Quay

After outfitting and dock trials are completed, 2-3 day sea trials are carried out.

J. Administrative Building

1200 sqm area serves for administration, design, planning, HR,IT, procurement and financial offices.

K. Social Building

Total area of 1900 sqm is used for cafeteria, health services, guesthouse etc. providing our personel with the required services.